User Experience in 2018

8 User experience Design trends to look out for this New Year!

“Design that matters the most is the design that solves real human problems. Forward looking, I see design playing a major role in how we tackle the big, nasty issues in society. Design will become more political, more accessible, and a toolset that affects real change.”

— Michelle Morrison, Design Program Manager at Facebook

Design has always been about solving human needs. And every year we need to be prepared to embrace new trends to enhance end-user satisfaction.

Here are some top mobile and web UX predictions that will dominate 2018:

  • Voice-Activated Interfaces:

Accessibility has been the most important buzzword in technology. When five-year-old kids use YouTube or Google Search, they don’t type words like us, they use the voice search functionality. There has been big rise in popularity of voice assistants like Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa and we feel it’s gonna pick up further this year

  • User responsive design: Creating personalized experiences:

The trends of user-responsive design will continue in 2018. The interface will adapt with users, ensuring ease of use to all. Users can see slightly different experiences like a change in font sizes or color pantones. There has also been a big rise in chatbots and conversational interfaces which have received great response from people. So, let’s see how it evolves from here.

  • Content-Centered Experiences:

Content will as usual be a big part of design in 2018. Well curated and easily accessible content makes web and mobile products more appealing. Designers should focus on content by:

  • Having visuals presented in such a way to improve content comprehension.
  • Making good use of whitespaces.
  • Removing unnecessary design clutter to focus better on product content.
  • No more hamburger menu:

Hamburger menu has been widely used in most apps in 2017. But recent apps are doing away with this to reduce navigation clicks. Youtube and Spotify have greatly improved user experience by making this change. In a surprising reveal, people find it easier to swipe around the app than to click. Looks like hamburger will not be a go-to anymore.

  • Biometric Authentications- no more passwords

One of the biggest complication in user experience is remembering the litany of passwords for multiple apps. Now, with advanced biometric authentications taking centre-stage, we can finally forget this headache without compromising with security.

  • Android first:

Presently 79% of mobile developers choose Android over iOS when building apps. The main reason behind this shift is because of the relatively new internet penetration in countries like India and Africa. Android devices have always been cheap and easily available. By going Android first, these developers are racing to capture a slice of these markets.

  • Augmented/Virtual reality — larger role of UX designers:

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are fascinating technologies which are providing user experiences nothing less than the likes of sci-fi movies. But the biggest barrier has been the technological challenges, cost, and size. Now with advanced hardware, faster processing power and cheaper equipment, UX designers should involve with this platform more and be a market first in 2018.

  • Cloud based apps:

We have seen a steady rise in cloud-based apps in 2017 and the same trend will continue in 2018. Many new apps require a lot of storage and hence cloud is slowly becoming unavoidable. New IoT devices can be controlled with the cloud which makes cloud-based apps more smart and personalized.

It’s not always easy to predict future UX design trends, we can certainly look at the past trends to help determine the future ones. With our ultimate goal to simplify the user experience, we hope many– if not all of these predictions come true.

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A New-Age Human-Centric UI/UX Design and Development studio

A New-Age Human-Centric UI/UX Design and Development studio