Your Brand set-up and Survival Kit

It is a daunting task for a small business to set up a brand. Especially for a relatively new business, there is a careful set of procedures you need to follow to set up your brand.

At WTA Studios we provide unique and customized packages for your business to thrive both online and offline. We’ve created a brand setup kit for you, take a look.

Brand Identity Design or Logo Design — Your logo is the most important identity associated with your business. It represents your company name, tagline and the values you want to imbibe. Your logo will be present in all internal branding material. Our team of designers will brainstorm with you and come up with great logo ideas for your business.

Brand Visual Language or Brand Manual — It is a unique set of design elements such as color, shape, material, typography and so on, which directly communicate your company’s value and personality through compelling imagery and design language.
At this stage, we will design the logo elements, logo color, brand slogan, logo proportions and scale, logo minimum clear space, color breakdown and all other element or graphics.

Brand Stationery — In order to grow your business, you need brand visibility. Every interaction related to your business should communicate your brand. We design business cards, letterheads, envelopes, stamps, email signature, PowerPoint and Word document templates, creating a complete brand manual. Along with a company brochure and menu(8–10 pages).

Brand Online Setup — Online presence and proper internet visibility is now a must if you want to acquire more customers and increase your sales. We will help you create a single page coming soon web page to start off with. To promote your company online, we will create your business profiles on all popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snap chat and set up your Google My Business profile and company domain email to establish an all-around presence for your company and product.

So here you go, A complete branding kit you will need for a successful brand. Hit us up for our branding services!

A New-Age Human-Centric UI/UX Design and Development studio

A New-Age Human-Centric UI/UX Design and Development studio