How CBD Can Help LGBT People Love Every Day

Few communities in human history have embraced life with daily gusto like LGBT people have. We are the passionate type and delight in our freedoms with entertainment, food, music and travel; and yet we have been tempered by illness, grit and strife. Time has unfolded many chapters of equality in our relentless urge to persevere, but tethered us to higher levels of anxiety, insomnia, depression, and even suicide. For many, these decades-old scars of past discrimination are still at the forefront of our psyche.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, upwards of 60% of all members of the LGBT community suffer from anxiety and depression at some point in their lives. A level that is more than twice that of our straight counterparts. Mental health professionals and support groups should be the first step in understanding one’s griefs, as I have done a number of times. Through my own efforts, I found little benefit from medications and explored more homeopathic health options to support my anxiety and panic attacks.

This exploration has brought me to confide in a natural wellness approach…Cannabidiol or CBD. In 2018 the US government passed the Farm Bill declassifying hemp-based CBD as a controlled substance and classified it as an agricultural commodity like rice or corn. The medical establishment and the FDA which regulates what claims can be made of CBD have yet to give their full blessing. However 84% of those who have used it believe it has a positive effect and half the people who used it, use almost every day. A recent study of 2400 CBD users by the Brightfield Group showed that 42% gave up their prescription drugs completely.

Significantly the World Health Organization in a March 2018 report found no public health risk in CBD or potential for abuse Hemp based CBD (as opposed to CBD from the marijuana plant) is not addictive and contains only minuscule amounts of THC, the element that provides the high in marijuana. Indeed some CBD products contain no THC at all.

CBD is an anti-inflammatory natural product that impacts one’s Endocannabinoid system (ECS) which serves as our body’s thermostat and regulates things like sleep, pain, mood and appetite. These functions all contribute to homeostasis which refers to the stability of your internal environment. The ECS system can be compromised as we get older or are subjected to stress or injury or illness. If you have trouble sleeping, increased stress and anxiety, or need help with muscle aches after a long workout, CBD products added to your daily routine may be able to bring significant benefits to your life.

I believe CBD is one of the most important natural wellness products to come along in many decades and it has has helped me release the tensions and embrace a more full and happy life. Whichever CBD products you end up choosing, do your research and make sure the company’s hemp is organic, US farmed, and lab tested by a third party. CBD can vary in how it affects different people but its potential for helping you be you without significant downsides makes exploration definitely worthwhile.

Love Every Day,

Wayne Carkeek

Co-Founder, Out & About CBD