Endless Shorts Series: The Captor

A little background on Endless Shorts Series. Most of the time they are open ended some even have no clear endings, Why? Because these are just scenarios I got from observing people around me. Real people. Random strangers, hence no names just gender pronouns. And I really never got to see the endings, so how will I write them?

Hope you enjoy it! Read on!

He is an Adonis Reincarnate. Perfect chiseled features. A body of a god. Lips that you could probably kiss for days. His smile that could make you swoon and give everything he asks for. Voice that could melt any chocolate. Lastly, his eyes. His deep brown eyes that seem to tell you everything, but there’s something hidden in it. Feelings? Secrets? Sadness?…

“Hey, is this pose alright?” He asked me with a smile, but there is really something.

“Yes, that’s alright.”

“It’s the smile?” He said flashing a bigger one.

“No, it’s fine…” I replied.

“Then why are you looking at me like you’re trying to figure out something?”

I stayed silent and started snapping photos of him. Unable to tell him that his eyes lacked twinkle and finished the shoot. Dismissing my theories. ‘Hello, brain. Quit overthinking. He’s the most in demand celebrity in this country. He’s just tired.’

As I was packing up my stuff, I felt someone watching over me.

“Do you need help with that?” He inquired.

“Naah. I got this. I’m okay.”

“Your shots were great. The bosses will approve.” He smiled.

“Oh call me cocky, but I know they will.” I laughed.

“Then, why are you still looking at me like I’m an unsolvable puzzle?”

“It’s your eyes. They don’t twinkle.”

With that, he opened his mouth as if to say something then pursed his lips.

“I-umm. Forget it. I’m sorry. I really am.” he turned around and walked away.

As I was nearing my car I found a piece of paper stuck in between the windshield and wiper. It said, ‘They don’t twinkle because you remind me of the love that walked away. I was figuring out if I was going to lose you the same way again, if I tried. I still love you. I always did. Come back.’ With that I got in my car and drove away.