Exploring Reasons— deductive and inductive reasoning via scientific methods

Meet Deductive, Mediator, and Inductive (from right to left); personas to represent these reasoning methods. credit: ©zeke_putra

Deductive reasoning means working a biological investigation in which one uses reliable facts to come up with or uncover more facts. (Academy, K. n.d.). Deductive thought uses only information assumed to be accurate. It does not include emotions, feelings, or assumptions without evidence because it’s difficult to determine the accuracy of this information (OpenStax Ed. 2017). It also is known to be a top-down regulatory from authorities. For example, a boss said the person with the highest sales would get a promotion at the end of the year. Thus, as a person who generates the highest sales, he or she may look forward to a promotion.

Inductive reasoning, however, means working a biological investigation where one looks for a trend or pattern and then generalizes these data (Academy, K. n.d.). With inductive reasoning, the accuracy of the outcome is probable, but not always true, even if each of the statements given is accurate (OpenStax Ed. 2017). It also is known to be down-up means of communication from users/employees or citizens via feedback. For example, all of the managers at an office have college degrees. Therefore, one must have a college degree to become a manager. However, this may not be entirely accurate because there may be other factors besides the college degree such as communication skills, etc. for one to get that promotion.

Another way to visualize it;

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