Most of us know that forgiving those who have hurt us can bring significant breakthroughs in our own journey of discovery. But it’s also true that until we receive forgiveness for anything we feel guilty for, we will remain trapped in cycles of shame and self-deprecation. Until we yield to Love’s forgiveness, healing will remain a million miles away.

Regardless of what we’ve done, who we’ve been, or where we’ve come from, we all have the privilege of opening ourselves to the enormity of our Higher Power’s forgiveness. The truth is that love is much greater than our fear, and forgiveness is more powerful than our shame!

Love’s vast storehouse is just waiting to pour over us and fill our hurt places with peace, comfort and dignity. We just need to stretch out our hands in surrender, so that this flood of compassion might rush in!

When we grow in our understanding of how deeply and completely we’ve been forgiven by God, our own path of surrender and honest confession with others will become easier.