“Nothing is yet in its true form.”
~ C.S. Lewis

Most of us naturally identify with some aspect of our family, or the culture around us, or a myriad of subcultures, or a specific belief set, or a certain lifestyle. And for some of us, our past identity has not been beneficial to our success and longevity, so our present process of discovery re-aligns our lives with the people, principles and things that nurture our inner light and encourage us into goodness and compassionate brilliance.

As we humble ourselves each day, a soft surrender begins to grow in our heart. When the light of Love restores some wounded place in us, we immediately identify with that love and we surrender even more. Then the truth of what Love thinks about us begins to take root in our heart, and the lies of discouragement and depression begin to lose their grip. This is the transformative path. Some days it happens a little at a time, and other days it comes all at once.

We’re letting go of lies, immaturities, indifference and comparisons so that our true essence can be manifest. In cooperation with our Higher Power, our true essence is that singular, unique entity capable of possibilities beyond imagination.