No one is clicking

If you make software for mobile devices, you can stop saying “Click”, “Clicking”, “Clicked”, etc…

This may sound silly but it is huge in shaping how you view the user and what they are doing with your app.

What you say about them, how you reference their behaviors and measure intent needs to start with the basic understanding that they are not clicking anymore.

Mobile users are not abstracted from the experience anymore, they are tapping, touching, swiping, pinching, zooming, etc…they are in the interface so to speak.

Even saying the word “Tap” vs “Click” helps you have empathy for them because HUMANS TAP, COMPUTERS CLICK.

So in short if you write software for mobile devices stop saying click.

Here’s a graph to help you:

This message has been brought to you by concerned people everywhere who understand that the words we say mean things and are not interchangeable like molecules.