Rdio and its mini player

This is an extension of an article I wrote about what I wanted from rdio, you can read that here.

Awhile back, rdio (streaming music service) redesigned their app. Or course it worked great and felt amazing to use.

it’s the best.

The problem I saw though was that the mini player never got touched.


It still looked like a mini player from OS 9.

So I asked about it:

I got this from Eric Cambell:

Roadmaps…ugh am I right. Might as well just write something on a piece of paper and then eat it since everything else will most likely always take precedence.

I asked if I could make one for them:

He said yes:

If you are reading those dates, this conversation was a very long time ago. I kind of forgot about it, until today.

The Rdio Mini Player that I think they should have…

I took some time out today to make a new version of their mini player.

Updated for Yosemite

There will be obvious differences with their new style and the style I chose and I can understand why you are scowling right now as you see those inconsistencies.

Here are all the states from top to bottom: Ready to Play, Notifications, Hover to Play, Hover to Pause, Hover Time Scrub, Hover Volume Scrub

Mainly the icons are different in look and feel. The icons on the main app are thin lined and some are encircled. It didn’t make sense to put that visual language in a mini player.

The blues are a bit darker and muted.

I chose to make the play and pause controls a little smaller as I use the keyboard controls to play, pause and skip.

Also the window controls show and hide based on hover, this might be a mac no no but I don’t think they are right about this one.

To the rdio designers, you are pretty much my main inspiration and if I can be so bold, the design community. I salute you. I hope you get a kick out of this and if you ever want to grab a beer or burrito just let me know.

Here is the sketch file too if you would like it.

peace be with you