4/8 Nora Sutton and pesticide in groundwater

This is my first interview and my first time in Wageningen university as well,WUR has a very spacious campus with modern building standing on big area of grassland. Beside to the lecture building, there are also some company (like food product company) on the campus, pretty much different from Taiwan.

My interviewer Nora, is a postdoctoral researcher, she is researching the degradation of pesticides in groundwater. 2/3 of the drinking water of the Netherlands come from groundwater. With the progress of the techniques, more micro pollutants could be detect, and this bring awareness of the drinking water safety. Since the ground water has the different condition to surface water, it’s not possible to use it as reference. ”People use black box to describe the unpredictable of middle process, but for me it’s just like a black hole, you don’t know what’s coming in and what’s going out” said Nora.

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