3 Effective Ways To Make A Profitable Blog With WordPress

Bo Wu
4 min readJun 18, 2019


I remember my original purpose of using WordPress is blogging, just share my life or knowledge on my personal blog. After I quit my job and started WordPress business, I focused on thinking about how to make money with WordPress. Besides selling WordPress products( themes, plugins or service), blogging is another important way to earn money with WordPress. So, in this article, I will introduce 3 effective ways to make a profitable blog.

1. Share Something Cool And Get Donation

Get donation is not new, but if the high-quality content can help or inspire people to make things happen, the kind readers will not generous with a little money to support you and express their gratitude. However, all that is based on the premise that you need to write out high-quality content with an unsparing hand, build a strong community for your blog.

I compared many donation WordPress plugins, and love Give plugin best. It’s a powerful Donation WordPress Plugin and Fundraising Platform, free to use and also offers extra features as the Add-on plugins.

If you only need a simple donation WordPress plugin, PayPal Donations WordPress plugin is a good choice, you can insert the PayPal button to anywhere with shortcode or widget.

2. Paywall Model

Still based on the high-quality content, another way to make your blog profitable is Pay Per View model. You can allow the readers only view the excerpt but if they want to read the full article, they have to pay for it, or another way is to build a membership system, the paid subscriber can access all premium content, such as the tutorial website.

As the donation method, you must provide valuable content or other features to your subscribers.

Memberful plugin is perfect for creating your membership system, it’s easy to set up. The free plan allows create 2 subscription plans, I think it’s enough for the beginning stage. Of course, it also offers the Pro and Premium plan for advanced users.

But the cons of this plugin is that it only supports Stripe payment, so if you want to offer the other payments such as PayPal, maybe you have to look for the other membership plugins, for example, WP-Members Membership Plugin.

Another useful plugin is LaterPay. The LaterPay WordPress plugin is a content monetization solution for your WordPress page. We enable you to collect voluntary financial contributions from your audience, sell individual pieces of content, timed access to your website or individual sections, recurring subscriptions, or ad-free access to your site.

3. Sell Products, Advertisement, and Service

If your blog content is focused on a specific niche, and already have more or less traffic, you can sell products, ads, and service with your content. Yeah, this is the final purpose of content marketing.

Sell Products

You can sell both your own products and affiliate products such as Amazon affiliate, CJ. Anyway, if you don’t have your own products, you can find the products from many online shops which offer an affiliate program.

Sell Advertisement

The traffic is money. You can simply convert the traffic to money with CPC advertisement (Like Google Adsense) as well as CPM, sell the advertisement banner on buysellads.com. It’s a good way to earn passive income.

Sell Service

As same as sell products, you can also sell services. For example, if you write a design blog, your content can help you build trust with your potential customers, then sell design service to them.

Additional Suggestions

At the final paragraph, just recommend you 3 useful tools for better blogging. Good luck!

Keywords Everywhere

It’s a free keyword tool that can help you easy to find the topic keyword. After you install the Chrome or Firefox extension, then it will show the keyword search volume, CPC & competition data when you entering a keyword in Google search bar. Very comfortable, quickly make a decision for the topic chosen.

Medias Blog Theme

Medias is a multiple concept clean WordPress blog theme very right for fashion, lifestyle, music, sport or food blog, whatever you want. It includes light and dark color style, many blog layouts and slider styles that will make your blog looks unique and amazing.



You can get corrections from Grammarly while you write on everywhere. I strongly recommend it because it’s an amazing product and already integrated into my workflow.



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