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One of my biggest hobbies is writing. I’m with Major Depression, I used to lose sight of what life means and shatter all things that I had, even wanted to kill myself. I felt no one know me and chosen silence. Only thing I can do is writing, it’s an important exit to me.

About two months ago, I was planning to write something about the days I struggle with depression. Organize everything in a book, I call it memory notebook. At first, I published the articles in my personal WordPress blog, but for the different reading experience, I had an idea to make a flip book WordPress theme. So I put all my energy into this flip book theme and here it is, not bad :)

Bookmaking Flip Book WordPress Theme

The Story Behind Bookmaking Theme

I personally use this theme for a few weeks until some friends suggested me to sell it, because they also want to do the same thing with it. A Facebook friend told me her son is killed, she often wants to make an album to record her memory about her son, even she has already crafted a book-like blog design, since I showed this book theme to her, she said this is what she always looks for, and advice me to let more people to know my work, it’s a good concept! I’m rarely heartened by her words. Before that, you don’t know how I feel sad everyday, unknown sadness, almost lose all hopes for my life.

Made For Every Writers

I started to make it easy to use for no coding knowledge required, so I have integrated Elementor Page Builder to my theme. I’m very satisfied with the fast speed of this page builder and developer friendly, so I specially tailored the page builder panel UI for this theme, like the following screenshot, very visually and the page builder panel is moveable, you can drag it to anywhere such like using Photoshop.

Bookmaking Flip Book WordPress Theme

As well as organize the book pages, it’s also easy to do. Just add the new pages as normal and set them as the child page, drag and drop to resort the order of book pages in the parent page editing screen.

Bookmaking Flip Book WordPress Theme

With the same method, you can create unlimited number of books on one WP installation site.

Maybe you worry about the reading experience on mobile phone, but Elementor has a very good feature that allows you to adjust the content for the different devices separately. Switch the device view, you can change the font size, column width and container margin/padding space.

Bookmaking Flip Book WordPress Theme

And more introduction of this Bookmaking theme you can click here to read and check out the full demo here. This is the story behind Bookmaking theme. If you are also a writer or author, I hope my work can be helpful for you and I’m so pleased to look forward to see your books will be published online!


Elementor Page Builder
CMB2 Metabox Plugin
Kirki Customizer Toolkit
BookBlock JQuery Plugin



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