Jamie’s Top 5 to Eat/Drink In Beijing

1. Roast Duck @ Sijiminfu 四季民福

Who has the best duck in Beijing? It’s not DaDong. It’s Sijiminfu.

fredc introduced us to this place. I think it basically copied DaDong, but in our opinion did it better, and more affordable.

Their duck is lean — and you eat it 3 ways. First is the crispy skin, you dip it in sugar and it literally melts in your mouth.

The second is the typical thin wrap, with few pieces of meat and skin. This was my fav.

They also do the third way which is 烧饼, which gives it crunch but was kind of hard to eat as the shell disintegrates as you bite into it. Overall though, if you want duck, go here.

Pro tip: 排号 on Dianping about 30–45 minutes before you get there to shorten the wait. You have to time it right though because if they call your number early, you’ll have to get a new number. Get your friends to get numbers to increase chances of getting seated without wait.

2. Buena Vista Cocktail @ Migas Rooftop

Ready for the best cocktail you’ve ever had? Yeah, its in Beijing.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the Buena Vista. It’s rum, it’s sweet, it’s got a solid citrus base, just the right sweet and sour and awesomeness. I’m serious, go have one. And dat foam.

Go pre dinner when it opens, i think around 5:30 pm or 6, and get a pod. The place is more chill at that time of day.

3. Cold Brew @ Cafe Un Livre

Their cold brew was a revelation. Best cold brew I’ve ever had. They use an Ethiopian bean and serve it like a cocktail — tumbler with a large ice cube — and the presentation and the slightly sweet, bitter, tangy acidity all mixed into a delightful coffee drink on a warm day.

4. Korean Fried Chicken @ Frypan

The best fried chicken I ever had was in Beijing. Say what??!!

Serious mang, this skin was fried just right, real light, the meat was juicy and tender. And it was piping hot. No sauce, no frills, just tasty chicken.

5. Haidilao (Delivery and Eat-in both memorable experiences)

See Elaine’s post on our Haidilao delivery experience — we decided to eat in as well. And its well worth it. Where else can you go for great hot pot (the spicy is quite spicy though so be warned, and the Haidilao Runs may or may not be a true thing. Actually from personal experience they are a true thing), a dancing noodle man, and can get your nails did?

(Honorable Mention) Dim Sum @ Lei Garden

This gets honorable mention as its a chain from HK that can be found in Shanghai as well. But yeah this dim sum was mighty tasty.