Lonely planets 6.5 hour “gubeikou to jinshanling hike”

We decided to be ambitious and took lonely planet up on its recommendation for this hike.

We took an Yidao car there to the “gubeikou panshanlong (coiled dragon) entrance”. 530 RMB which was half off with their promotion! Fred took a sideways nap in the front seat
Start of the trail!
Jiangjun tower, apparently bombed by the Japanese. Helpful local ticket checker was telling us
Indeed there was a hole in the roof
Looking back at coiled dragon. You get a sense that this part of the wall is totally un-redeveloped
We ignored the detour sign and found ourselves in a rare redeveloped tower in otherwise unkempt trail
This tower had multiple levels
The impressive 24 window tower, now with only 15 windows
Soon after we had to go off the wall as ahead section was owned by military
Soon we came upon the qingyun farmhouse, just like the lonely planet said! Cold Gatorade like drink and snickers bar were welcome refreshments. A European family had stayed there night before and were preparing to hit the trail. When we passed them along the trail they would say “nihao” to us even though we said “hello” to them
We took the left path at the fork and started bushwhacking
Real deep in the woods
Finally backtracked… the path is even marked with x’s!
After 30 min of climbing, finally made it back to the wall!
Stopped for lunch.. With a view!
Jinshanling awaits ahead
Beginning to get steep.. These parts were unique structure to be able to better defend the wall
Really scenic views from windows in the towers, with breeze
Our happy trio!
This part of the wall was a lot more redeveloped
Saw some goats on the way!
Here’s where it started to get ridiculously steep. Fred vs Great Wall
Nearing the end.. We had to go down.. Then go back up
We were all quite pooped
Made it to the end!

It was another 20 min or so down to the parking lot.. We met some other tourists along the way and caught a ride back on their bus. Right when we got to the bus it started pouring rain, so we were happy to get a ride! 80 Rmb each, not bad at all.

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