How to Measure for A First Communion Dress

Want to buy the right first communion dress for your daughter? First of all, you should know the right size of your little girl, then how to measure for her communion dress? Don’t worry, below are some suggestions you should know when measuring your daughter.

Bust Measurement: We are going to take a bust or chest measurement first. So you will need to take the tape measure and wrap it around the widest part of the chest. Be sure to keep your finger behind the tape measure when taking the measurement.

Tea or Floor Length Measurement: If you are measuring for a tea length dress, you will want that dress to fit just about mid calf. Take your tape measure measurement at the shoulder and go to where you want the hem to fall. When measuring for a floor length dress, measure to the heel.

Hollow to Hem Measurement: If the size chart uses hollow of the neck, take the tape measure and start at the neck bone and measure all the way down to where the size chart states for length.

Waist Measurement: For the waist, you’ll want to put your tape measure just above the belly button. Wrap the tape measure around the body with your finger behind the tape. Not too tight, not too loose. If you have a girl with a bit of a tummy, instead of measuring at the top of the belly button, you will need to measure at the very widest part of her mid-section. This way you will be sure to get a dress that fits all the way through.

After getting the right size, then you can find the right one for your daughter from various of first communion dresses online easily. But you should be patient and careful if you really want to buy the communion dress online, however, there are an certain risk.

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