Battle for the fittest

Only the strong will win, only the persistent will reach the peak, only the thick skinned can stand the criticism, only the focused shall pick stones thrown at them to build a house -Wughangar Rose

Its tough to be an upright person in these modern changing times. Where men compete against men;where sex is sacred but 80 year olds rape 2 year olds; where the phrase ‘ladies first has lost its meaning’; where its hard to be poor and be proud of yourself (seen as a nerd since you can get money from men or cougars after certain services); where women take alcohol better than men; where gender equality is still debatable yet empowering women is a priority!

Where the media has defined beauty; where petite and flat tummies and being light skin are goals, where plus size women have to campaign to prove they are proud of themselves,to avoid body shaming; where a type of car and how much a man can put in a woman’s bank account determines your eligibility of being in a stable relationship, where the society still thinks in primitive ways,but wants you to be modern and make them proud; where you have to know someone, to be someone;

Where divorce is the new trend in marriage;where children custody cases are the main cases in our courts; where justice is controlled by who is better financially; where its okay to take videos of someone drowning instead of saving them; where national crisis is used for political purposes;

Where families tweet each other over dinner tables; where fame is the new self esteem; where support means being posted on social media; where condoms are free, but hospital bills are unaffordable ; where kids talk back to their parents;

Where people breakup over Facebook comments; where love is measured by how much you post them on social media; where people visit porn sites more than they visit churches; where helping others is used as a ticket to fame;

Where social media is the new battle ground; where presidents tweet more than give actual speeches; where meme’s is the new happiness trend; where dead beat dads are called out on social media;

The struggle to survive, to thrive, to keep your own humanity is getter harder and harder. keeping sanity, is all you have, treasure it and protect it.