Make him work for it

Now, ladies you can totally get this: once a guy shows interest in you and you do the same, they pull back. Us, ladies, since we’ve already started liking the guy, w give them more attention and the more we do, the more they ignore us. Making us ladies say, men are insane.

You develop the fear of losing the guy you’ve known for two weeks or even more. You make a habit of chasing the guy, you initiate all conversations, you arrange all dates, you even go an extra mile and go like “when can i come to your house”. Girl, you got it all wrong.

Men are naturally hunters, and we are their prey. You make a mistake of running after him and he looks for another lady who is worth running after. Men cherish what they have worked for. Heard of men want what they cant have? Am sure you have.

Make him work for it, let him call you, text you, treat you, run after you. If you do the opposite then you are doing all the work for him and this puts off men. Don’t mistake this as playing hard to get, its not that. I don’t even get the concept of playing hard to get (sad face emoji) .

Now, i know you are calling that guy all the time yet he is not giving you the attention you want. Please, do you, and other women a favour and stop! Pull back and see him start working for it. If he goes like “oooh finally i have a break from that annoying woman” honey i want you to have some self respect and run. He is not worth you. You deserve better.

I know you are wondering, how can i do this?

  • Have a life.

Most women get boyfriends and now they stop going for pizza offers with her friends because she has a guy. Have a life out of the relationship. This will excite a guy, and he will want to be part of your exciting life.

  • Don’t be too available

If you are too available for him, a guy will stop calling you out for dates earlier. He will start doing the last minute thing where he calls and goes like, ‘can i see you now’ out of the blues. Now, this only means one thing, he was waiting for other better plans to come along and now that they haven’t he got you as option number two. Say no at times . You have to learn to say no.

  • Prioritise yourself.

You got the guy now he comes first. This puts off men. Men respect women who prioritise themselves. This will make him see you as someone who is already independent and has her priorities and choices right.

  • Be ready to leave

A mistake I’ve made in the past and maybe you have or you are doing now, is showing a guy you cant leave even when they disrespect you. A guy would be careful if he knows you are not afraid to put yourself out there. Yes, who wants to loose a good thing going on? No one, trust me, he is will behave better.

  • Have standards

I cant insist on this enough. You have to have standards. If you read my previous article on relationships where i said men respect standards get some, then you get what am saying. If you did not, just go through my blog and find it and read it. (read the others too) (wink).

You and me, know you can do better and you deserve better. Date a guy who is worth you not because you finally got a boyfriend so you cant let him go. Dating is a game, know the rules and play it better.

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