The most Attractive men

  1. A guy who has his shit together. No woman wants to baby another big guy because he is insecure and cant figure out what he wants. Its really attractive when a guy is collected, and has that sense of control over his life. Makes women feel protected and under good care. Well, he might have a bit of up’s and down’s but, he will show the effort of fixing things rather than running home to you and complaining all day. These kinds of guys get 100% support from their wives or girlfriends.
  2. A well groomed guy. Well kept hair, well trimmed beard, short nails, dressing style check! Great taste in perfumes!! There is something about these guys, that is irresistible. Don’t get me wrong, just making an effort to look good is attractive. They don’t over do it, for instance find them in salons having their nails done, no! They are just well groomed in a manly way. Its sexy as f**k!
  3. A guy who is a go getter and still has time for his girl. This one is an ideal guy. Whats more romantic than a guy calling you or texting you in the middle of his busy day? Just the thought of you thought about her despite your busy schedule will keep her going a long way.
  4. A guy who is not afraid to show he wants you. He is confident and straight forward about his intentions. He is not ashamed to show he wants you. Even when you act crazy, he still wants you. Even when you put up a million walls around you , he is willing to break them down just to make you his. He simply doesn’t see the walls around you as a burden but instead understands them and is willing to give you reasons and prove why you shouldn’t have them around you when it comes to him.
  5. A guy who keeps his promises. He says he will show up at a certain time and does so. If he wont make it, he makes sure he says it in advance so you don’t get your hopes high. Its very disappointing when a guy says he will do a certain thing and doesn’t and acts like its nothing . Its a deal breaker for most women as it is to me. When a guy learns to gives reasons rather than excuses, he shows that he is reliable. Behaving otherwise makes you loose your credibility and someone’s confidence and trust in you.

If you can combine all these five into one, then sit back and watch women fall for you. One thing that will make you even more attractive is standing by one girl. People might not tell you, but everyone admires that. Good luck to you finding one of them or being one of them .

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