The single’ Kenyan women talk about.

You walk up to her and when you finally ask the question; are you single?

She says yes, don’t be so relieved, here is what she might be saying:

  • Am seeing someone but he is not enough. There is just something missing with them that you might provide, ie, money, good looks, etc.
  • I can dump him if you turn out to be better than him. She probably broke up with him a year ago in her mind but she hasn’t made it official yet. She can’t afford to be single for her own weird reasons.
  • You are too cute to let go. Yes she is dating, but by how she can judge you by first impression. No no no, she cant afford to be dating. You are worth keeping around. Now prove yourself.
  • She can cheat on him. Men don’t take sharing well, so she is dating, but she can cheat, that makes her single. He wont know, so leave all that to her to handle.
  • Single but not interested. Fight harder. She wants to see how far you can go for her. How deep is your love? Show it.

Single has a new meaning. Figuring it out which meaning she is insinuating is not easy. Be a risk taker and see where it takes you.

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