Things i will never ever do as a woman

  • Fight another woman over a guy. Like what the hell? The other woman was definitely lied to just like you. He doesn’t deserve both of you. Join hands, dump him, become friends and make fun of his sex game. Hahaha! Oooh, believe me there is definitely something to say about it! Destroy his ego!
  • Judge another woman. The things women do to look how they look, (on point), believe me you, i do them too. So why judge? You apply carolight kutoa tint (lighten) on your butts, honey keep doing it. Its about being how you want to look and loving you more. Guess what? I apply raw aloe vera on my face too. Its itchy but i do it. Its actually borrowed from a friend who lives a way from me and i have to pay for transport if i want more.
  • Judge how stupid in love someone is. Its normal, women loose logic when they fall in love, that’s us. I loose logic too sometimes. You know how you like someone too much, that you overlook the important issues because you already married him in your head and you already pregnant, and God knows what more is going through your mind. Well, good news is that it happens to me too. So, even though am not all in love i know a bit of that. So, good luck to you, be in love, loose your logic, live how you want, but don’t loose yourself.
  • Say her dress or skirt is too short. Girl you got them legs, show them off. Feel free. Follow Akothee’s way, hate clothes, just anything that makes you happy and comfortable but don’t loose self respect. Want to show off that cleavage, boo i support you, just don’t keep pulling your top upwards to your neck, you’ll look uncomfortable and not confident enough. Wear whatever as long as you feel good in your skin. I show off my legs, cant show off my cleavage, (mostly because i have non ) that’s me, do you. Feel good while doing it.
  • Say she is a gold digger. Women should please men, so the society says . If that is never going to change, then men providing for women should not change or be a gold digging thing. She just has taste and it takes a lot to maintain her, end of story. She is too expensive, let someone else maintain her. She doesn’t manipulate him into giving her money . Men use money to bait women, now that she knows how to use the money she becomes a gold digger? No, she is just of high maintenance. Sit down be humble and let others who can maintain and meet her standards date her.

The point is everyone is different. Once we respect that and learn to support each other, women would be so much in a better place.

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