You Deserve Better

Its that relationship that isnt going right. For some reasons, best known to you, you still stick around. You are like a trembling flower, hoping that your partner will come back to their senses and see you as you wish they would. Maybe how good you are for them, what a bright future you’ll have, or just the fear of letting them go is overwhelming enough to make you stick around and be treated like an unwanted guest.

All that is just unhealthy and you are disrespecting yourself holding on to a sinking ship. I mean, whats the worst that can happen if you let them go?

What are you so afraid of? Or

Whats better holding on and being sad or letting go and getting what you deserve ?

Or are you too afraid of hurting them that much?

Bitter truth is , you don’t owe them a thing and they don’t need you. You are just another annoying noise maker in their lives. How clingy and needy you are feeds their ego. They know, no matter how bad they treat you, you’ll always shamelessly rush back to them like a baby just spanked by their mom, with tears in its eyes. You just never have enough.

Am not saying letting go is easy, its actually the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do emotionally. The days that follow, you feel horrible, you crave to get a text or a call from them, its so intense that you decide to stalk them on whatever social media accounts they have. You might go further and hang out at their favourite spots just to get a glimpse of them. Their friends will become your paparazzi’s since you’ll ask a lot about your ex-partner . Just a word from them acts as an antidote to what you’ll feel.

While hearing from them will make you feel better, it wont help. You feel like you cant let go, you need them in your life. Honey, you don’t. All you need is yourself. Allowing yourself to fall in a trap of reaching out when you opt out doesn’t help at all. It holds you back.

Respect yourself enough to walk away. Too much being exposed to negativity makes you think its all that is out there. You shrink yourself to fit and grow a thick skin to endure and survive in a horrible maybe abusive relationship.

There is so much out there, get out of an unfixable relationship . Its not your fault it didn’t work. Not every person is for you. Sometimes, you have to let people go.

There is nothing like people change in the future. They wont, see them for who they are now, how they are treating you and how much investment they are putting in the relationship.

Take a step and get what you deserve. Never settle for less.

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