An overview of the Shanghai conference.

The Wulet team had the pleasure of joining the Blockchain Technology Summit, which took place from August 24th to 25th at the Hyatt Regency Shanghai.

The Blockchain Technology Summit, which took place in Shanghai, was a small but important event for specialists in the blockchain industry. The cozy and friendly atmosphere of the Summit made it possible to talk with almost every participant and speaker. The Wullet team expanded its network and made the acquaintance of many driven and interesting people from the blockchain industry. The team also managed to seal agreements with potential partners who are interested in the possibility of collaborating with Wulet.

The Summit covered blockchain topics for the ages (algorithms, architecture, stacks, security, business model) as well as upcoming, fresh trends that are about to enter the market.

Wulet’s team talked with a number of outstanding speakers. One of them was Alan Lau, who has 36 years experience in sales, marketing, management and investment. He is a founding member and Vice President of the Shanghai Computer Society, Fellow Member of the British Institute of Analysts and Programmers, Member of the British Computer Society, and a Mensa International Member. The Wulet team has high hopes for a close partnership with Alan.

Sandris Munis delivered a speech giving research insights into the top 200 most valuable tokens, and shared his priceless wisdom with the team. Sandris is a co-founder & strategic director of Iconiq Lab (an ICO and Token Launch seed fund and accelerator), AI tokenization & ICO advisor of BRAINCITIES LAB, and AI tokenization expert of Ubex AI.

David Abbott, founder of ReelCash, talked about blockchain integration into the fragmented market. David is very keen on blockchain-based charity – a new trend on the market.

The team was also introduced to Artem Chestnov, CEO of Ubex – a project focused on Artificial Intelligence in advertising. Artem is a serial entrepreneur with a background in marketing, mainly focused on the European market. Artem graduated from INSEAD MBA in France and Singapore, and spent most of his career in the Netherlands and Belgium as the head of marketing and innovations for a major consumer goods company.

The Wulet team also met John Wantz, CEO of EVERY, who talked about monetizing and taking control over shoppers’ data. John Wantz is a serial retail entrepreneur and the former head of Target’s innovation group. John is the architect behind conceptual design decisions for Protocol’s retail smart contracts, and on-chain and off-chain data considerations. He is also a leading strategist for tokenized and trustless value exchanges between brands and shoppers.

The Wulet project did not lack interest from different ICO projects that took part in the Summit, and also caught the eye of blockchain specialists, private investors and fund representatives.

The project MVP Development also drew everyone’s attention, with their eagerness to deliver their trial period results in the form of a couple of thousand of transactions by the end of 2018. This approach, together with a roadshow plan, is a great indication of how serious the project’s intentions are in the immediate future.

Overall, The Blockchain Technology Summit was a purposeful and productive event that built up a whole new network of partners and enthusiasts for the Wulet team. As a result, we are currently negotiating with the Korean project KeyperX about Wulet’s integration and tapping into the Korean market in the future. KeyperX received a grant from the Korean government and gathered a couple of million dollars during its ICO launch.

There are also ongoing negotiations with the Salamantex project about Wulet’s integration to their crypto-payment product, as well as with Blockteam venture fund about investment opportunities in Wulet.

Above all else, our CEO Alexander Tkachev and CTO Alexey Popov were very satisfied with the summit’s organization and high-end hotel, where the event – and a very delicious lunch – took place! :)

One conference was not enough for the team and after two days, Alexander and Alexey arrived in Singapore for the Blockchain Summit. The event was much bigger than the previous one, with a large number of international speakers, 700+ attendees and crypto teams from all over the world. The team scheduled a couple of meetings regarding future investments in Wulet.

Want to know more? We’ll tell you about the Blockchain Summit in Singapore in the upcoming blogspot. See you there ;)