Some conferences are not as good as they seem.

At the beginning of November, we arrived in Malta — a nice, warm place by the sea with a big event taking place called ‘Malta Blockchain Summit’. It all started so promisingly: VIP speakers, an exhibit show and an attractive heading on the website, calling Malta ‘The Blockchain Island’.

The event was supported by CoinTelegraph, CrunchBase and CryptoCompare, which definitely added weight to the seriousness of the event.

The Summit held 8,500+ attendees (they promise to increase the number next year), including Scott Stornetta, John McAfee, and even Hon. Joseph Muscat, the Maltese Prime Minister. There were 200+ blockchain geeks participating in a Hackathon at the venue, competing for a total prize of €50,000, and Sophia, the Bot, was a central figure of attraction…

The speakers included some well-known names, such as Cristopher Obereder, Carla Maree Vella, Eva Kaili, James Catania, Max Krupyshev, Gordon Einstein, Alex Lightman, Joseph Cuschieri, and many more.

Despite the calibre of speakers and robots, the exhibition area (the place that we had high hopes for) was so tightly packed with teams and their booths that it was very hard to move around and do some networking.

It all went ahead as planned, but sometimes things just spiralled out of control. It would be unfair to compare the Malta Blockchain Summit with the Las Vegas event, but we have to admit it was on the chaotic side of the road. It was strangely arranged, too busy, and the meetings they organized were with investors that no one knew about. We hope that they will make a good showing in the crypto world in future, but from our side, we neither benefited from the Summit, nor did we secure any new partnerships for WULET.

However, it was quite an experience and we were still glad to be a part of such a large Summit!