What drives you up the wall?

You know how your mom always says, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?

Well forget it! Now is the time to vent. What gets your blood boiling, panties in a twist, gears grinding, steaming mad etc?

How about when you are just about to slide into the perfect parking space, and someone rudely cuts in front of you?

Or when you expressly order a salad with no croutons, and the waiter brings you a salad ridden with gluten?

Or sometimes, when you are calmly minding your own business on the way to work, and someone is yelling on the phone about details of their personal life you’d really rather not hear?

But what REALLY gets me, is when you get to the cash register at the store, and you know you have that darned discount card somewhere in that black hole of a wallet, and you just can’t seem to find it! You then proceed to dump out all the cards in your wallet (to the dismay of the people in line behind you) only to realize half of them are at home because they didn’t fit in said wallet in the first place. Then you begin wracking your brain to remember which phone number you had attached to this particular loyalty program, or was it through email? And you realize if you don’t remember soon, the cashier will refuse to give you the discount.

Good thing at least this injustice has been rectified. The solution? Wulet. This company has designed an easy-to-use app which stores all of your loyalty cards and correlating information in one place. This will cool the blood, untwist the panties, and stop the gears of millions of people, from stay-at-home moms to successful businessmen. Nobody has the time or energy to remember the rules of each individual loyalty program and when the sale season ends, or the ability and desire to carry a bagful of loyalty cards with them at all times. How then can you get the most out of your money? With Wulet you can not only access your loyalty points at your convenience, but also, if you don’t have enough points to buy what you want to, no problem, just exchange them for points from your other loyalty programs, right there in the app. No matter if you’re a frequent flyer or a frequent buyer, Wulet will allow you to fly more and buy more.

What gets you worked up? Share in the comments below what things drive you crazy, and let’s vent together!