Q&A: Youtube Question #1

Does it mean you are Asexual? (If you aim to remove your sex organs)

This is a honestly a really hard question to answer.

I think it might be too soon to tell, but I can definitely say that I’m developing more asexual thoughts.

I find now that my sex drive is almost non existent that I view bodies differently now. I don’t feel an attraction towards because but I see the symmetry in their body rather than the “beauty”. Social Constructs of romance and attraction are sort of changing. It’s not as easy as saying, I’m asexual and only driven to people’s minds. There is a thought that I possibly was asexual my entire life because when I’ve been in love, the act of sex was not of importance. In fact, when I have engaged in sexual behaviour before transition I found my focus has always been more about intimacy.

I grew up a male, and for the most part attracted to other males, but I’m coming to realize that it was maybe because I simply felt more understood by them. Now on estrogen, I am developing an attraction towards females. Uncertain to whether or not it is sexual, but I definitely empathize with women much more now and it’s allowing me to appreciate their minds much more. I will say, I find myself drawn to other trans people simply because I value what they are going through as I am going through the same.

But I find it’s a challenge because I find still a lot of other trans people do things for social reasons not functional or mindful reasons…then again that is true for a lot of people in general.