I am not a Writer, I am a Canadian Designer.

Sometimes I think I’m confusing people because I do a lot of things.

I like to write music, play piano, violin, sing to ukulele and post those videos on Youtube. I like to dable in virtual reality. I like to ski. I like to paint. I like to design things outside of dresses, clothing. I like to write poetry. I like to draw. I like to write letters to people. I like to post on Medium. We live in a world now where most of the time when someone does something, anything it shouldn’t really matter whether or not there was a reason. We do it because we can. We have the freedom now. Technology.

Starting a career at 18 years old was very overwhelming. Looking back at it now I probably wasn’t entirely aware of how overwhelming it was. I don’t remember what was entirely experienced but there was defintely a feeling of freedom. I was 18 and living with my parents. I would sew during the day and go dancing at night in Toronto.

Come on, I’m not the only person in Toronto that feels this Freedom to play, create, design, and post whatever they want on the Internet.

Statistically Canada is home to the highest amount of people holding University Degrees per capita. Having my own issues with traditional education, Canadians are at the very least informed individuals. Not all the time. AP once did a television interview on myself. They included some other designers at Ryerson University. In the segment they implied that I don’t think I need to become big in Europe. This idea that you have to make it big outside of Canada in order to become successful. I find this entirely false and completely unattainable. The most successful people in the world became successful because they were simply working on themselves. “You are what you love, not what loves you”, once said by a famous comedian. What I loved about the interview wasn’t me, but what one of the students at Ryerson mentioned. “Canadian Designers are the most socially conciousness designers in the world”. I loved that. It made so much sense to me. This is why Canadian Designers exist, should exist. We should be coming up with solutions that not only take into account our environment but also the people that live in it. Ironically, this is true function. This is doing things for functional reasons not social reasons. Not for superficial reasons.

You don’t have to go anywhere to come up with a good idea. A good idea requires research, understanding, experimentation. You don’t need to go have an ‘Eat Pray Love’ crisis to get your life in order. To find your meaning or purpose to life.

I like to think that what I’m doing is giving confidence to Canadians to be themselves and in turn will allow them to design their own culture. The vice principle of my high school once told me that, Mr. Pete. That’s what he said about me.

I once read an article by the Toronto Star or Globe and Mail? Or neither?” Canadians are too insecure to be proud to be Canadian”. Maybe that is true, or maybe it’s false. I personally don’t always enjoy large sweeping generalized statements but we do live in the “Clickbate” era now.

Why am I still in Toronto? Because I believe it has the potential to lead the world in Integration. Combining the Technology and Fashion of things.

As always,