My Battle Against The People Of Toronto

Is it because we’re digging into your mind and we can’t get out?


We aren’t creating this illusion anymore that there might be more outside of Toronto. That in fact, it would be as easy as working harder in your own backyard…to view things from a different perspective. Your dream to be a celebrity, world fame, and viral videos are history.

It’s primitive. It’s surface layer, superficial, lacking substance. What are you suppose to do now? Keep making up excuses, using meme’s to justify your irrational behaviour, procrastination is cool?

Cool isn’t tangible, isn’t that over yet. Shouldn’t we be helping each other now, stop thinking that ideas belong to someone. If not helping, trying to help. Trying to turn Toronto into something more than an after thought.

No one becomes famous for being famous, even if it appears to be. People become famous, influential, or leaders for being good at something, really really good at something.

As always,