What I want to say to all my Cis-Gender friends and family…but can’t.

You can’t imagine what I’m going through.

You can’t imagine what it’s like to be transgender and realize you’ve spent your entire life struggling with the fact that you don’t identity as the sex you were assigned at birth.

And then come out again to your family and friends only to realize the entire queer community has left trans people out the discussion. Providing no corporate funding to the trans March, 2 year waiting lists to get gender conformation surgery from a system that still treats transgender as a mental illness. Going to trans group every Thursday and seeing other trans people who are beaten disowned and can’t get jobs, on disability, or homeless.

And I have to sit here by myself in my privileged life feeling a completely responsibility to do something about it while all my cis friends and family who don’t know what cisgender means judge and disconnect themselves and misgender me because they can’t even for a moment understand what’s it’s like to be non binary let alone understand what is the current state of the Transgender community.

So no I’m sorry. You can’t imagine.