Hi, my name is Wumi Oyediran, I’m a fashion designer (a final year University student too) and this is my first post on Medium. It feels good being able to write but the challenge is that I need to push myself first.

Today is day three!!!! Yippee! ….and I’m typing on a mountain, yes, the mountain on campus, here in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. Nigeria.

Now you have to ask me, “Day three of what?” It’s the third day of jogging 1.5 miles and going mountaineering immediately afterwards. My partner for these few days has Perfect Makanju . He’s my best friend/boyfriend/fitness partner. Believe me, these few days are moments when I feel like punching him for pushing me this far. He’s the annoyingly positive thinking motivator, I’m the opti-pessimistic realist(if there’s anything like that). Now, he says we’re doing this for seven(7) days, just to get back in shape. I’m really worried if I can put up with this.

Day one(1): It felt easy. I just arrived campus. I felt I had the energy.

Day two(2): It began to feel hard. I had to do sit-ups, crab stands, squats. I called Perfect Makanju a bully. Yes, it felt that way to me.

Day three(3), I felt like crying. I was even peevish to him (Perfect Makanju ,I’m sorry). I nearly collapsed when we got to our spot on the Mountain.

The funny thing is that these past three days made me think back to 10 years ago in Junior school, when I could jog about 2 miles without blinking… Fast forward to today, I began to ask myself “what happened to me?”. I know some of us ask ourselves that same question when it feels like we can’t do things we could do few years ago. I just think it’s still in us. We just need to be tenacious about it and amidst it all remember “you’re older now” (I’m trying to take that advice too).

Okay, so I’ll try to keep up with the seven days, and let’s see what happens. I sincerely hope i don’t bite Perfect Makanju to pieces before the end. Until then, have a fruitful day n' week ahead…..

Yeah, we ate this...(cold fruits)

If you have any tip or trick to see me through these remaining four days, kindly share in the comment section below, and don’t forget to recommend if you feel inspired or want to join me. Cheers!

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