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Want to blockchainize your business? Take a look at the checklists in this article to decide if you actually need to build a new blockchain.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain can be seen as a ledger that records transactions, and its copy is stored all over the world. The multiple duplications of the ledger are such that any change done to one must be immediately done or confirmed by others. Thus the changes (or new transactions) are deemed legitimate.

Consensus Algorithm

The method of updating, making changes to, or confirming transactions on these ledgers scattered across the world may be through complex calculations (Proof of Work), staking methods (Proof of stake), etc. …

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Scenario 1

When you enter a brick and mortar casino, you are not expected to make bets or play games with the cash you carry. Instead, you are required to exchange your cash to poker chips when entering. With your cash at hand, no matter how big the amount, is somewhat meaningless unless you do the right thing. Casino machines are designed to operate effectively when you insert the chips. Your card game monitor will not accept cash from you, he/she will only accept your tokens. Most of the time, outside the casino, these tokens (chips) are worth nothing.

Chips remain as the main fuel of operations within casinos. …

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Wunbit on November 1, 2019, opened the door of opportunity for all video gaming, iGaming, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts to join in its vision through a private sale. Through a limited period of the Private Sale, customers will be able to buy WUN tokens with a generous 50% discount.

Nowadays, games form a good chunk of the entertainment activities of people around the world.

Techcrunch reported that Netflix admitted that games are a bigger threat to its business than HBO. …


Wunbit Games

Discover the era of Blockchain Games, where players can truly own in-game items, spend, and earn cryptocurrency by playing.

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