Take a Hike, Writer’s Block!

One of my favorite book writing clients in the whole world is looking for his creative muse today — capricious little fairy she can be.

Mind you, this is a man who can, literally, do anything he’s inspired to do. When he’s tuned-in, sparks fly off the top of his head as inspiration jolts through him, and the only challenge is keeping up with the onslaught of brilliant ideas vying for a voice. It’s impressive.

But sometimes we all feel a little flat.

As I began responding to him today, I realized these simple ways to reignite creativity may be helpful to you as well.

Starting to think of that ‘banishing the block list’ I realized it was just way too long for one post. I’ll write more tomorrow (and would love to hear ways you approach writer’s block in the comments below).

For now, let’s get started.

  1. Move Your Body

Right before writing this I put on the song Holding Out for a Hero (one of the cheesiest 80s dance songs ever which most of you younger readers probably never heard of)… and Rocked Out… It sure did the job.

Missing that zest? — Move. “But I work in a cubicle,” you may say, or “my roomate will think I’m nuts!” So what? Really. My dogs love dancing with me. Cats can be fabulous dance partners, too (although cats may be more into yoga). No matter what you do, Just Do It. Even if you’re car dancing, running up and down the back stairs, or deep breathing (think Wim Hof style). The smallest movement can get your inner fire fanned again.

Photo by Johnny McClung, Unsplash

2. Two Books are Better than One

It doesn’t matter what creative project you’ve got going, two is better than one. Feel stuck? Start working on another project. It doesn’t matter what it is, or how involved it is. A painting. An article. A poem. Rearranging a room. Doing your nails. Writing a song.

The thing is, when we take our myopic focus off one project and lighten our grip, the subconscious goes to work to bring your conscious mind the elusive ingredients to bring all of your works to life. Don’t believe it? Just give it a try.

Photo by russn_fckr, Unsplash

3. Do It In Your Sleep

If I learned anything from Jose Silva, it was to trust my sleeping self. She seems to have a limitless capacity to deliver just what’s needed, when needed.

To tap into your wisdom while you rest, try this: Just before sleeping, write down what you would like solved on a blank slip of paper. Let’s take the example of a book’s chapter. Begin by resting down, take a few cleansing breaths and imagine that chapter is done.

Feel how warm and wonderful it is to have written in your authentic and powerful voice. Feel how it’s touching the lives of everyone who reads it. Open up your senses and experience it as if it’s happened already. What do you see, smell, hear and experience? Take a few moments to immerse yourself in the feeling of happily “finished.”

If disturbing thoughts barge in, simply gently turn your attention back to how deeply gratifying it is to have completed what you set out to do.

Photo by Amy Treasure, Unsplash


More tomorrow, and in the meantime, I’d really love to hear what helps you get going again, or what your biggest creative challenges have been.

Thank you for reading!

~ Dorothy




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Dorothy Kolomeisky

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