Week at the Caribbean (Cancun, Mexico)

HOW IT ALL STARTED: It was 12:07 and I was all ready to board a plane that was going to Houston, Texas. From there I had a connecting flight to Cancun, Mexico. When I got to the airport there was a lot of hustling and bustling. So we quickly hailed a taxi and went to our hotel. Our hotel’s name was the Royal Haciendas.


The hotel was awesome there was even a tub on our balcony! The day was pretty much boring since all we did was sit and unpack. The day was also not too bad since I got to sit in the tub and ate a good dinner at the hotel restaurant.


The next day was very exciting, we went to a place called Xcaret. There My dad and I went in a river that was 1,988 feet long. We also saw a lot of animals especially iguanas, there was even one in the restaurant.


Today was more calm since we relaxed more, my dad and I swam in the pool and played a game of chess.


This day was boring but exciting I was going to see pyramids of Mexico. The bad thing is that it took us 6 hours to get there and I almost died in heat!

Day 5

This day was a lot like DAY 3 except that I played chess with my mom and then I did snorkeling.


This is the day I left, I had a connecting flight at L.A. And we arrived home.

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