23 unusual travel ideas for your next trip

Susanne Queck
Jan 7, 2018 · 6 min read

Looking for unusual travel ideas? In times when it only counts how many countries you have visited or who takes the most beautiful beach photo, the idea of experimental travelling is more current than ever. It is another form of discovery. Foreign countries and places are no longer discovered for sightseeing, but according to a pattern that one chooses beforehand. Not only does it take you off the beaten track, you can also see the sides of a place you would not have seen otherwise. Interesting people, authentic residential areas or breathtaking details of another culture are the reward.
Unusual destinations can be found not only in Europe or the world. The concept also applies to things that can be done at home, but which are geographically oriented. As a single traveller, couple or group there is something for everyone.

Here is a book about it*:

Here are 23 unusual travel ideas that can give your next trip the crucial twist and turn it into something truly unforgettable.

Experimentelles Reisen
Experimentelles Reisen

On the road:

1. Anachronistic travel

2. Aesthetic Journey

3. Bureaucratic travel

4. Dodeca trip

5. Double name trips

Experimentelles Reisen
Experimentelles Reisen

6. Exploring final stops

7. Exploration of the opposite

8. Travel in partnership

9. Expedition to the K2 (or B5 or C7)

10. Airport exploration

11. Time out in a different way

12. Night trip

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13. Name siblings

14. Opus Travel

15. The Journey of a Slow Return

16. Journey of Defect

17. Changing travel

18. Journey from A to Z

19. Trip Poker

The winner of the first round may choose the destination. The destination must be within a radius of the number of points multiplied by 100km from the player’s place of residence.

The winner of the second round may choose the date or weekend on which the trip will take place. The weekend must take place in the month that is as far away as the eyes are on the winner’s dice.

The number of the third winner determines the type of accommodation. It stands for the following accommodations:

1. Hotel 2. camping 3. in the car 4. in a house of someone 5. under the stars 6. no accommodation and no sleep!

20. Random destination

For example, if you live in Melbourne, Australia:

One takes you to Melbourne, USA
Two takes you to Mele Cap, Italy
Three takes you to Melekess, Russia
Four takes you to Melenki, Russia
Five takes you to Mélèzes, Canada
Six takes you to Melfi, Chad

Experimentelles Reisen
Experimentelles Reisen

Experimental travel doesn’t only work in the distance. I’ll show you here how it works at home:

At home:

21. Gastronomic trips for your home

22. Insider Journey

23. Literary journey

Source: https://www.latourex.org/latourex_en. html

Have fun on your experimental journey and discovering in a new way!


Travel ideas
Travel ideas

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