The truth about Pisa and its leaning tower

Wonderful, monumental buildings on the other side of the leaning tower of Pisa. Many citytrips through Europe lead here and it is among the best European places to visit.

Leaning tower of Pisa,cathedral,europe travel

The dome and its tower

Again and again I read about the Leaning Tower of Pisa and how enthusiastic people are. Instagram and Facebook are cobbled with images that show people licking, leaning or climbing at the tower — just from the right angle. It’s funny.
 When I was on a European citytrip in Pisa myself, I expected exactly that: an impressive leaning tower, lonely on wide corridor and crowds of tourists. It was like this but so much more varied than imagined! That is why it is my concern to write this article and draw attention to all the other wonderful buildings surrounding the tower.

First of all, the old town of Pisa is a really tiny, nice place. A few streets, many restaurants and horse-drawn carriages. Outside, the place has grown and expanded to include single-family homes with land and expressways. A day trip to here is good. In a few hours you have seen everything.
 In order to find Piazza dei Miracoli, the place where the tower stands, you only need to follow the signs, tourist buses or tourists. All roads lead to Rome … errr … to the tower.

Leaning tower of Pisa,cathedral,europe travel

Embedded in the city

From the very narrow access road one encounters unexpectedly the large square, which ends on a large meadow. Four masterpieces of mediaeval architecture stand out in dazzling white: the impressive Santa Maria Assunta cathedral on Piazza del Duom (to which the bell tower belongs to), a cemetery “Camposanto Monumentale”, the Baptistery and the cathedral. In the midst of these monumental buildings, the famous Leaning Tower almost descends, in a sea of ​​deep green, bright sky blue and white marble stones. Once the tower was planned as a free-standing bell tower for the cathedral in Pisa.

Wiki knows: “12 years after foundation 1173, when the construction at the third floor was started, the tower stump began to tilt toward the southeast, whereupon the building rested for about 100 years, the next four floors were then with a lesser angle of inclination The building had to be interrupted again until 1372. The reason for its obliquity lies in the subsoil of loamy morass and sand, which deforms under the weight According to excavations, it stands on the edge of a former island right next to an ancient harbor basin, which has already been deserted at the time of construction. “
Leaning tower of Pisa,cathedral,europe travel

This grass is made for chilling !

The impressive cathedral next to the tower must be seen! From the outside incredibly fine marble decorations and inside impressively large with a wonderful painted dome. Opposite the cathedral stands the Baptistery, begun in 1152 and finished in the 14th century with Gothic elements.
 The surrounding cemetery Camposanto is small, but surrounded by large corridors and a wall. In the corridors with half-timbered windows and old stone floors, it is cool and shady. One hardly dares to speak in this calm, in which every word echoes. If you are looking for silence and an escape from the tourist masses is exactly right here. Since 1987, the entire complex of tower, cathedral, baptistery and cemetery has belonged to the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.

Famous Pisa tower images

Generally the well-kept meadows are a good opportunity to relax or sunbathe. When the 7 bells of the tower ring at 12 o’clock, the crowds are the largest, even at the small souvenir flea market on the edge of the site, in the shadow of the city wall. This wall encloses almost the whole area and is interrupted by small passages. 
 To anyone who has ever wondered how the images are made with the tower, which spread a thousand times through the Internet: the meadows are surrounded with stone sockets, one which you climb up, then posing at the right angle with the tower.

Leaning tower of Pisa,cathedral,europe travel

In the evening, when the coaches left, the touristic flea market closed and the day tourists are tired, one can enjoy the whole charm of this facility. Get a bottle of wine from one of the surrounding bars or supermarkets, sit down in the half-dark on the benches or stone sockets and enjoy the sight. Unfortunately, the complex is not lit at night but the snow-white marble leaves the buildings still glimmer. Wonderful !

Enjoy it and give the poor leaning tower a rest and a chance to the other buildings :-D

Your Suzy


Originally published at Wunderlander.