Hungarian tradition in tattoo jewellery

While living in the Dubai, our family was a part of a vibrant international community. Our school was a home to over 1500 students, from 76 different countries.

One special and highly anticipated day of the year at school, was International Day! This day is an exciting way to explore other cultures, celebrate our diversity, and — above all — recognize that no matter where we are from, we are all part of one loving and caring school community. It was a fun-filled day with various country booths, cultural performances, and a flag-parade of nations. Everyone could proudly wear their national dresses and celebrate the cultural unity of the school. This day was always filled with joy and laughter as the parents, students, and the teachers represented their home nations with pride. Is there a better time or a prouder moment to show the “world” your national dress full with traditional motifs?

These memories inspired Tamas, Wundertats’ artist, to infuse traditional Hungarian motifs into the Fields of Gold and the Folk H’Art tattoo jewellery collections in beautiful ways. The Kalocsai embroidery is the most famous embroidery in Hungary, and is becoming increasingly popular around the world.

The love for these Hungarian motifs blossomed internationally when Mercedes-Benz pilot, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, wore Kalocsai-patterned overalls during a Formula 1 race. Fashionistas like Nicole Kidman, Emma Watson and young Suri Cruise have already embraced traditional Hungarian floral motifs by wearing Kalocsai patterned clothing off the runway.

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