Using CashApp and Wasabi to purchase Spooky Rails…

Jul 3 · 6 min read

Here’s what I suggest you do if you aren’t super concerned about opsec:

Step 1: Download and install the Square Cash App on your phone

On an iPhone, you can install it from the App Store:

On Android, you can install it from the Google Play store:

Step 2: Open the Square Cash App on your phone & link your bank account

This section shamelessly borrows heavily from the following post:

Link your bank account to the Cash App with your debit card. Enter your debit card number, expiration date, CVV code, & Zip code, & then press “Add Card.”

Step 3: Select “Bitcoin” and then tap “Buy”

Purchase the amount of bitcoin required to buy the number of rail sets you desire ($100 worth will cover 3 or 4 sets of rails at current market prices [7/2/2019]):

Follow the instructions provided by the App.

Congratulations, you now own Bitcoin (kind of).

You own these bitcoin as much as you own money in your bank account. Completely, until the bank/government/a thief decides they want to own it instead.

Step 4: Download and install Wasabi Wallet on your computer

Step 5a…d: Launch Wasabi Wallet and create your very own Bitcoin wallet

Step 6: Generate an address in Wasabi to receive your bitcoin from Cash App

Step 7: Send your Cash App bitcoin to Wasabi

At this point, a view of your camera will appear on your screen. Lets go back to Wasabi now…

Using the viewfinder that is now showing on your screen, place the QR code in the box and hold steady until the app recognizes it.

The Cash App should ask you if you want to send your bitcoin to this address. Follow the instructions to confirm and enter your PIN (set up when you first launch the app) to send your funds.

Step 8: Wait for the transfer to be confirmed on the Bitcoin blockchain

After Cash App submits the transaction to the Bitcoin network, the address you are seeing on the Receive pane will disappear. This means the transaction has been picked up by your Wasabi wallet.

Click on the “Send” tab at the top of your Wasabi application. You should see something like this:

It could take anywhere from under a minute to several hours for the transaction to be confirmed depending on the number of transactions waiting to be processed, the fees that were paid by Square’s Cash App for the transaction, and the time it takes the network to mine the next block. You should see a confirmed transaction in under 30 minutes, but don’t fret if it takes longer. It will get there.

There it is! The transaction has been confirmed, and funds are now available to be spent.

Step 9: Be subversive and buy some spooky rails for your 3D printed G17 and G26 with Bitcoin

Here’s where the good are:

Add your items to your cart like you would on any other ecommerce site.

Here’s mine:

Click “Proceed to checkout”

Fill out the shipping information… Then click “Proceed to BTCPay”

You should see something like this:

Since we are sending from Wasabi Wallet on our computer, click “Copy” to show the text address and amount for you to paste into your wallet.

It should look like this:

Left click the address that starts with “bc1…” to copy it to your clipboard.

Go back to Wasabi and ensure that you are on the “Send” tab.

Check the empty box to the left of the green checkmark to select the funds that you want to pay for the rails from. Don’t worry if there are more BTC in it than what you owe for your rails.

Paste the address that you copied into the address bar in red.

Add a label to keep track of your spending.

Now go back to the BTCPay window in your browser and left click on the amount

Go back to Wasabi and paste that amount in the “Amount (BTC)” box.

Double check everything now.

  1. Did you check the box next to the coins you want to spend?
  2. Did you paste the correct address in the address box?
  3. Did you label the transaction?
  4. Is the amount you intend to send exactly what is being requested by BTCPay?

If you can answer “Yes” to all of those, then enter your password in the password box and click “Send Transaction”

The requisite amount of Bitcoin has been sent to BTCPay, and the change has been sent to a new address that you control (It will show up under the Send tab as something like “Change of Spooky Rail Purchase…”)

BTCPay will show the transaction as received and then confirmed when appropriate.

Congratulations on purchasing physical goods for physible objects with digital money!

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