“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”.

-Martin Luther King Jr.

I woke up at the heart of Maryland,USA. Travelling from the Garden state of New Jersey through Pennsylvania across Delaware Memorial Bridge (a pair of two suspension bridges crossing the Delaware river). Delaware is home! The state of someone I call an Inspiration, Vice President Joe Biden. Home to my beautiful niece, Ainsley Tamia.

I paid the tolls in cash, what i work for in the United States. the aim of founding fathers all gathered on unique principles.

Then, Why am I scared?

For a country I work hard to contribute in growth, I could only think of Philando Castile’s shooting on July 6, 2016 by Minnesota Police officer, Jeronimo Yanez. His girlfriend and 4years old daughter were in the car.

Then, why Am I scared?

Why am I scared?

I’m scared of been Black, walking through a street and automatically becoming a Suspect, cos I’m Black.

Should I talk about 12year old Tamir Rice shot by Cleveland Police in November,2014? It concludes it’s because he’s black not just playing with his toy water gun.

I’m scared of any car with twinkle lights flashing on follow, all times i pull over and surrender myself even when its a ‘State farm’ truck. I’m scared of not given the chance to explain the reason why my tail light is in full function whenever a police pull me over and claims the opposite. Yes! I’m black and I know. Philando Castile knew he was black, reason he started answering questions he was never asked. Yes! they killed him and got favored by judgement.

Then, Why am I scared?

I’m scared of the word “Black Lives Matter” I prefer “All lives matter” except we ignore the happenings of the world; Genocide in Cameroon and Famine in South Sudan all in Africa. Why is the United Nations painting maps they can’t draw? Scared of everything we were told of, those we saw on TV and those they keep hiding from us. Scared of dreaming while Martin Luther King Jr’s dream of equality is still pending…

The reason I’m scared.

Please wake Martin Luther King Jr From sleep, he needs to dream again cos I’m still Black.

by Gerard Geh GW

Hey! Thanks for reading. I’m a lover of Change, why not smile often? I learn as you click on the heart to turn all green. Sure, I’m a lover of words.