5 Ways for a Sales Professional to Express Gratitude

Jun 4 · 5 min read

Guess what? Expressing gratitude through email just won’t cut it in today’s business world.

Everyone sends a thank you email. It looks like any other email that your customer, prospect, or lead will receive during the day. Email lacks time, thought, and effort that other forms of gratitude can show.

Did you know that the average worker will receive 120 emails on a daily basis?

Even if you did send an email of gratitude towards your customer, there is a good chance it got overlooked or deleted.

Expressing gratitude during and after the sales process is critical to any sales professional’s success:

  • It sets you apart from the competition
  • It helps you develop stronger, longer lasting relationships
  • It shows you are a real, authentic human which can be challenging during today’s digital age

If you need a little guidance or inspiration, take a look at these five, inexpensive ways you can express your gratitude to your customers, leads, or prospects.

1. Handwritten Thank You

Do you remember the last handwritten note you received? Of course you do! You might not remember what was said in the note, but you will certainly remember who sent it.

There is something to say about a person taking the time, putting the pen to paper, and sending a note through the mail. It shows you are interested in the relationship, the job, the business, or the partnership and are going to invest the time to add value.

When to send:

  • After an interview
  • After a closed sale
  • After an initial meeting or demo
  • After a referral
  • After a new sign up

Grab some stationary, a pen, and postal stamp and get writing! The handwritten note just means more.

Try a handwritten note service designed for sales professionals and send notes within minutes!

2. Gift Card

This is a quick, easy way to send your gratitude from a longer distance especially if you are unaware of the local shops around your customer.

There are Starbucks on every corner throughout the world, so this is a fail proof way to make your customer’s day by buying them a cup of coffee when they need that extra kick of caffeine.

A $5 gift card for a cup of coffee is all you need to spend. There is no reason to go overboard on a gift card from wherever you purchase it from. It is the thought that matters here.

Added bonus if you add this to your handwritten note.

Make sure you understand the industry that you are in to be sure this is a legal practice. For example, if you are in medical sales, this could be considered a “kickback” and regarded as illegal.

When to send:

  • For a birthday
  • After a recent order
  • After a milestone they hit with your company

3. Local Gift

Every city has something they are known for or a couple brands that stand above the rest. Does your city have a popular coffee roasterie? Brewery? Bakery?

In Kansas City, for example, BBQ is king. Whenever I state that I live in Kansas City, conversation usually leads towards BBQ, obviously, since we are the BBQ capital of the world… :)

One of my favorite ways to express gratitude with a large partner or client is to send local BBQ sauces or seasonings from some of the most popular BBQ joints in the area. It is fun and thoughtful and it also creates a memory whenever they use the BBQ sauce or seasonings.

When to send:

  • After a large order or contract
  • As a holiday gift
  • After a new partnership is formed

4. Company Swag

Is there anything better than getting a new coffee mug, water bottle, t-shirt, sticker, hat, book, etc. from a company you just signed up for as a welcome package?

This is a clear way to show how important that new signup is to you and/or your company.

One of my favorite examples of a company doing this is Drift. Here is an example of what they have sent:

When to send:

  • After a new sign up
  • After a current customer upgrades their plan
  • After a milestone they hit with your company

5. Food or Sweet Treats

“The way to a person’s heart is through their stomach.”

When you head into an early morning meeting with a current customer or lead, let them know how much their time means to you by bringing a little food or treat for them or their team.

Donuts, bagels, muffins, or a travel coffee container (96oz) is an inexpensive and thoughtful way to show your appreciation for their time for an early morning meeting. This is also a great way to get your company name traveling throughout the office.

“Oh, who brought the donuts?”

“That was “Company XYZ.”

A veggie tray, fruit tray, or sandwich tray could be a great idea for a lunch or afternoon meeting. Again, this doesn’t have to be large. Understand your audience and the size of their team. You don’t have to feed the entire company.

When to send or bring:

  • For an in person visit or meeting
  • To congratulate the company if they make a big announcement (ie, receive funding, acquire a company, company milestones, etc.)


We hope these five ideas will lead you to explore different ways to express your gratitude towards your customers. The human connection is real in sales and you should be forever grateful for your customers. Show them you care by being thoughtful and creating an authentic, human relationship with them. After all, your customers are the lifeline to your success as a sales professional.

“The best way to win customers and build a brand is to be you. To be real. To be authentic. To be human. And that lesson has been true for hundreds of years…” — This Won’t Scale, Drift

If you are a sales professional looking to stay consistent with your handwritten notes, check out www.wupp.io. Wupp is dedicated to adding value to Sales Professionals. We are launching summer of 2019 and currently enrolling early beta testers. The beta will be a free three month trial for users that sign up early. Handwritten notes are an extremely powerful tool, beat your competition with Wupp.

Best of Luck!


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