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How to Improve the Timing of Your Handwritten Note

May 1 · 3 min read

What is the biggest knock when it comes to handwritten notes in the sales world?

“It takes too much time.”

This can be interpreted to mean two different things:

  • It takes too much time to get the stationary, think about what to write, write the note, hope you don’t screw up and have to restart, get the stamp, and then get it in the mail.


  • It takes too much time for the thank you note to get to the recipient while in transit through the Postal Service. There is a reason it is called “Snail Mail”!

Obviously, email gets your message to your recipient instantly. It’s a quick way to eliminate a task off your “to do” list. You can go to bed at night saying that you did the right thing by sending your customer the appreciation they deserve. I get that, but that method is also becoming “spammy” to a certain extent. It doesn’t mean the same. Your competitor is probably doing the same thing.

Customers expect to receive a follow up thank you email after a meeting or a closed sale. They don’t always expect a handwritten note.

We are not proposing to never send thank you emails, in fact, we strongly encourage you to continue to do so. However, using email along with a handwritten note will certainly show your customer, lead, or prospect that they mean more to you than the other competitors.

We are going to look at two ways we can make ourselves more efficient and cut down on the delays that occur with the handwritten note process.

  1. Always carry a supply of stamps, stationary, and envelopes with you at all times while traveling

Last week, I made the ultimate mistake while being 8 hours away from my home office. Below is the middle of South Dakota where I realized I forgot to pack my supply of stamps, stationary, and envelopes. Doing this delayed getting my handwritten note out in the mail by nearly a full day and then I had to wait an extra couple days while it was in transit to arrive to my recipient.

Had I packed this supply, I could have immediately wrote the thank you note in my vehicle after the sales meeting. The topics were fresh on my mind of what we discussed and I could have remembered particular moments of the meeting in greater detail. Once I finished, I would have been able to drop it at the local postal office or nearest drop box and my customer would have had it the next day.

My customer would have received the thank you note at least two days sooner!

2. Use a Handwriting Note Service

Sales professionals are consistently busy with the everyday grind of prospecting, email, calls, scheduling visits, traveling, webinars, demos and so much more. There are many tools out there designed to help with many of these tasks and to make you more efficient allowing you to focus on selling and improve your numbers.

A handwriting note service is a simple concept:

  • Pick your stationary
  • Type your custom message
  • A robot or human writes your message
  • Your note gets mailed

All done from your phone or computer in a fraction of the time it takes to do it yourself.

Some notable companies to consider:

Timing is everything in sales. Having an efficient and effective way to send your handwritten follow up notes is a great tool to have for any sales professional. Make it easier on yourself, impress your customer, build stronger relationships, and close sales faster with these handwritten note tools.

Best of Luck Selling!

Be the first to try a new handwritten note service the Summer of 2019 designed for sales professionals.


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