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May 14 · 4 min read

How long does it take to you to write a handwritten note?

Maybe five minutes? Then a couple more to address the envelope.

That is until you misspell a word and have to restart the whole process over again…

But have you really thought about how much time is spent for the entire process? Going to the post office for stamps, running to a store to find stationary, stopping at stop lights and getting through traffic, and then finding a place to drop your mail off?

As you have heard before, “Time equals Money”.

If you are like most sales professionals, you could be wasting hours just to get the supplies needed and finding a way to get the note in the mail. By the time you get everything you need, the last thing you actually want to do is put pen to paper and write the note. Distractions are everywhere!

So let’s look a little further into the amount of time you are spending and the costs that are associated with it.

Recently, I did an experiment to see how much time it actually took me to gather the supplies needed and get my note in the mail. I started my stopwatch and left my Kansas City metro downtown loft to go gather my supplies.

Here is the timeline:

  • First stop was the local post office to purchase stamps. Luckily, I only had two people in line in front of me so the wait wasn’t bad. It took me a total of 22 minutes and 17 seconds to drive to the post office and purchase the stamps.
  • I then headed directly to a business supply store, Staples, to purchase stationary for the notes. To travel only a mile through traffic and stop lights and then to purchase my thank you notes took me a total of 13 minutes and 29 seconds.
  • Side Note: To my surprise, the selection was very limited of “thank you” cards and they only came in packs of 10 or 50. Buying in bulk did offer a better price per card but it also limits your choices and styles, plus once you purchase, you will be using only that one style card until you run out or decide to purchase a different style. I definitely could have went elsewhere to purchase single cards at a much higher price and better quality but did not want to waste more time.
  • I then headed directly home which took 14 minutes and 58 seconds.
  • Total Time = 50 Minutes and 45 seconds to purchase stamps and stationary.
  • I spent 5 minutes writing one thank you note and then 1 more minute writing the return/send to address on the envelope. Luckily, no mistakes or misspelled words!
  • Fortunately, I have a mail drop box located in my apartment complex otherwise it would have been a much longer process, so no extra time was spent getting the note to a post office or postal drop box. Some people might not be as lucky.

Hope my manager doesn’t see this! Actually he would be proud that I’m sending handwritten notes, however, I believe he would rather have me spending my time doing what I was hired to do… SELL!

How much did that cost?

  • Stamps = $.55 cents each
  • Bulk Stationary = $.56 cents per card , 10 pack for $5.65— This is extremely cheap. Individual and higher quality cards can range from $1.99 to $6.99.
  • Time = $27 x 56 minutes= $25.20
  • According to, the average base hourly rate for a Sales Professional is $27 per hour. Click here to see the breakdown.
  • Total cost to write ONE thank you note= $26.31

What else could you have accomplished during that hour? Maybe an extra five prospecting emails, or five cold calls, or scheduled a demo, or had a call with customer, or dropped off samples and met with a customer face to face, etc…

The biggest question…Could you have closed a sale?

This could be part of the problem/excuse as to why we are seeing less and less sales professionals send the handwritten note. The time commitment along with the costs associated with it to send a note is truly a burden for most sales professionals and organizations.

Wupp is looking to combine the time tested sales tool of the handwritten note and technology to make the process easier, more cost effective, and more accessible to others. There is a gap that needs to be filled to allow sales professionals to effectively and efficiently follow up with their customers, prospects, or leads using direct mail.

If you are a sales professional looking to stay consistent with your handwritten notes, check out Wupp is dedicated to adding value to Sales Professionals. We are launching summer of 2019 and currently enrolling early beta testers. The beta will be a free three month trial for users that sign up early. Handwritten notes are an extremely powerful tool, beat your competition with Wupp.

Best of Luck!

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