Soul Food

If asked about what our best meal was most of us are likely to recall a special meal regularly made by a loved one or that thanksgiving feast you had in 1998. Only a few superficial people will mention a common expensive meal that sounds flashy although some will talk about good tasting food like pizza or burgers. This comes down to the fact that food is not just a taste… it is associated with emotions.

Cake for instance is associated with birthdays and weddings and so you feel like a happy occasion. A braai will bring you and your friends together and the meal brings all of you together. The smell of fresh baked bread reminds you of a happy childhood memory and it brings back the joys of childhood with it.

The Chinese chef at Wu’s restaurant understands this very well. In our dining room, food is an emotional explosion. A lot of people that have dined at Wu’s can relate to the therapeutic feel of the food. One of our customers actually burst into tears after tasting a cheese spring roll along with its special sauce…. She exclaimed how it was very good food after we attended to her. Come to Wu’s this week and let us know how the food makes you feel. Get a recommendation of Chinese soul Food and eat like a Buddhist or Shinto monk…

Until next week, SHESHE!

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