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I watched Friends with my boyfriend because we don’t usually watch this comedy and it’s one of the comedies we wanted to watch all the time. It was super fun and I loved Phoebe!

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Suggested Themes
  1. sleeping. So many people have problem falling asleep and sleeping is essential to everyone. Right now there are apps which can track people’s daily sleep, and some people listen to audio books to fall asleep. How effective are they? How comfortable are the normal earphones for audio book? How to make people under lots of stress fall asleep in a short amount of time?
  2. eat healthy. When students have so much stress and so much work to do, how to make sure that they have enough food and nutrients every day? Even if they can’t eat 3 meals a day, is there a way to keep them healthy? Or is there a way to make sure that they will/improve eat regularly? When students don’t eat healthy, they might not be able to listen to class well, or they might faint and couldn’t continue studying or living.
  3. reduce stress. It is very normal for students to have stress but how can they reduce the stress? Some organizations have animals to help reduce the stress, which I think might be a very effective idea. But what if someone is allergic to fur or what if they are afraid of touching animals, is it still helpful? How can students who can’t physically touch or get closer to animals reduce their stress? Is there another way to interact with animals without physical touch?
10 silly ideas
breakfast maker
energy bottle
fresh collector
keep your eyes comfy
kitty case
laptop ball
pain killer
salad bottle
screen tracker
sleep mask
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