My general ideas

1 hour idea generation

New warm-up game

game diagram

It is a game called “what would you…if…”. Every person asks a question using this structure and in counterclockwise order, the next person has to answer within 3 seconds. For example, — “what would you get if you had a million dollars?” — “I would get fancy green racing car.” Then the person who just answered would keep asking another question to the next person.

It is a game to get to know each other. Since several participants did not know each other, they could get some fun facts out of people and feel more relaxed with the group.

Session organization

session setup

Participants: 2 participants are college students who are very busy with school work and do not have much time for cooking, 1 participant cooks and bakes on a daily basis and is very good, the other one cooks for her family of 4 people every day.

Setting: The design session took place in a community lounge on a Saturday night. 4 participants sit around a big rectangular table where they could put all ideas they came up with in the middle and looked at as inspirations. A bag of chocolate candies was provided to support the creative process. White index cards and markers were provided for sketching out ideas.

Warm-up games used: We played “zip zap zop”, “word ball” and “what would you…if…” to have first eye contact, get used to associations, and know about each other.

Length of time for idea generation: 25 min

Total number of ideas: 48

IPM: 0.48

Sorting and voting

sorting and voting with stars

Categories: menu app, oven, control (heat, time), speed up process, spice, environment, fridge, tools, clean

Process: Participants did silent sorting after the 25-minute brainstorm, and they gave names to each category. After that, I asked each of them to vote for 3 ideas by drawing a star on the card, and they could not vote for their own ideas.

Top ideas

Spice Gun
the Cooking Bomb
Burning Detector
THE Cooking Pan
the Kitchen Curtain
Quick Defrozen Board
the Oil Shield
Pan Seperator
Pot & Bowl
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