Is fasting for everyone?

I finished reading “Build Better Knees” a few days ago. This book is mainly about building better knees and strenght to avoid running related injuries, but it also includes a few chapters on healthy dieting. Most aren’t news to me including intermittent fasting.

On Friday, I decided to skip lunch and gave it a try. After squeezing a gym session, I didn’t eat pretty much anything from 12pm to almost 8pm Friday night. Here was how I felt and found out:

  • of course, I was starving and felt really weak. I can handle the feeling of hunger pretty well. Since I started weight loss 4 months back, I tried to develop the habit of eating only when I’m hungry. Unlike me a year ago who can eat anytime regardless of feeling hungry or not, now I’m able to tolerate the feeling of hunger rather well. However, not eating for a almost 8 hours awake is very new. Honestly, I felt dizzy especially when I tried to stand up.
  • Secondly, when I started to eat again after 8 hours, I had this weird feeling of not knowing if I’m full or not. Or more precisely, I ate very little then feel already stuffed. Since Friday night, no matter I eat more or less, I seem to feel stuffed all the time. Nothing seems to digest well in my stomach. Think about it. It’s kind of scary. Is the goal of fasting to shrink your stomach so you actually eat less?

All I know is it didn’t feel great. I will take caution and do some research before ever trying again.

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