Brush with death

Here I am…with a gash in my head. I’m ashamed, I’m maybe in shock still, I don’t know what to feel. I watched a interview with Kevin Hart today on the Breakfast Club and he said your audience wants to see behind the curtain of your life. So here it is: TONIGHT I ALMOST LOST MY LIFE. It’s 5:48 in the morning on June 11, 2016 and tonight I got caught slipping. At first I wasn’t going to share this with anyone because I keep things very discreet. I’m a man of pride and this hit me deep. But, my writer side is telling me this needs to be heard. My creative side wants to mentally paint this picture for you. This isn’t just about me. It’s about using my life as an example for others to learn from.

There I was….Two guys pulled up in a car and hop out pointing a gun straight at me. First instinct tells me duck and to get away. But as I try to get away,I get hit in the head. As I fight off the guys, I fall back. As I fall, left hand is up is trying to protect myself and right hand is trying to keep my balance. My heart is beating out of my chest. My thought in my head is “Damn, this is it!” As I stare down the barrel of the gun.

Here I am, just a 24 year old chasing a dream. Working overnights to pay the bills and hustling during the day. Going to auditions, hosting red carpets, taking classes, and doing all you have to do to make it in the entertainment world in California. Your listening to a man who’s mentally wrote his name on a Hollywood Walk Of Fame star. I’m building my brand Be Your Own Dad that delivers something that you don’t see a lot on social media: positive content to help motivate yourself and others. I’m here to build something and to leave for my family. I created a platform that can help others. That’s my good that I thought we do as people. Right….we put IN the world what we expect OUT.

But, even though we do good, or think we do good, we still get tested. We get raddled. We get pushed to a point where it’s you or life. Will you let life win? I chuckle because Charlamagne Tha God can relate to me in a sense but his success speaks for the number of tests life has given him. New levels, bring you new problems. Just like Biggie said “Mo Money Mo Problems” right?

So, was this a gang initiation? Did they want to rob me? Kill Me? Do they even know who I am? Did I deserve this?!? Whatever the case is, I’m still standing. After falling, I get up and start to run. Praying in my head that I don’t hear a gun shot. I feel blood running from my head as I get away. The two guys get back in their car and drive off. Left me with a question that I can’t answer myself: WHY?

So, I don’t write this looking for sympathy nor any type of grievance. I’ve contemplated back and forth whether to put myself out here like this but there’s a bigger picture to be seen. Just know, 11 staples later and I’m still here breathing and dream chasing. I write this as a testimony of someone that is going to overcome life’s obstacles and keep it pushing. I shared this to help comfort others that go through the many different events in life that try to literally make us throw in the white towel. Now I ask you to share this to help anyone you may know going through lifes’ tests.

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