“Everything happens for a reason”


As I’m working the graveyard shift (overnight) I can’t help but think how I am going to get my brand #beyourowndad off the ground. My current thoughts are: nobody knows about it and is the concept going to be understood?

I want to explain this the easiest way to be understood. #beyourowndad is the story of individuals that have overcome their negative struggles and used that as motivation to better themselves. It’s where negative becomes positive!

This brand is powerful! It’s inspiring! Anybody that has gone through a struggle and continued moving forward can relate to #beyourowndad Anybody that didn’t quit when times got rough can relate to #beyourowndad The best part about the brand is it’s not only for me. Yea I created it but this is something that I can share with everyone! I hope one day people will claim that they are #beyourowndad (wishful thinking ah)

I’m a firm believer of the saying “everything happens for a reason” Ironically as I was surfing the web I came across the first testimony that I will be featuring on the #beyourowndad website. (Coming very soon)

I want everybody to meet Rashema Melson. She is one of the many stories that scream #beyourowndad From being homeless to receiving a full ride to Georgetown nothing is going stop her. Congratulations Rashema! I hope all the best for you. Keep it up! Please click the link!


-Jimmy V

“Who gon stop me huh!?!”-Kanye West

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