What We Talk About, When We Don’t Talk About Natives
Dia Lacina

This is a really important topic!

But if there’s an issues around non-x’s talking about issues with how x’s culture is represented in video games, why in the same breath tell non-x people to talk about these problems? You’ve already established they don’t have the right to do so?

Like you criticized non-natives for talking about native representation and appropriation as if they had a right to say anything, so why then say you want more people to talk about things wherein their ability to talk about it is questionable?

That made very little sense to me; either you want people of greater power to question how the oppressed are treated and start discussions with their higher platform, or you don’t on the basis they don’t know what they’re talking about.

It makes talking about things very hard when you can’t tell if you even have a right to say anything!

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