Love Your Body

Every shape, every size, everyone is beautiful. That’s right…all my Fashion Blooms are beautiful. We are all going to love how we look. Yes, we must do what is healthy for our bodies AND we must love our bodies.

Start today! Put on that shirt which you love. Wear that color which fills you with joy. My Fashion Blooms understand that there is beauty in us all. We put on the outfit we love and out the door we go.

You can see people who love themselves all over. Their confidence shines. You know it’s confidence because you feel better about yourself when you’re with them. One look, one smile, one conversation and you walk away thinking that person has so much confidence that now I have a little more too.

Let yourself notice those people around you who smile, are engaging, really are refreshing to be around. Think about the people you know who you’ve never once felt negativity from. They are the ones who truly have confidence. When you think about it, they come in all shapes and sizes.

The beauty of true confidence is that it knows no boundaries. If you’re that person…GREAT! If you’re not you can be! Start wearing the clothes that you prefer. Don’t hold back any longer. Only notice the clothes you love and wear them yourself. People with confidence do it and you can too. Ignore any negativity, IGNORE IT! Focus, really focus on all that is pleasing to you. Kindness equals confidence and confidence equals kindness. My Fashion Blooms are kind confident people who wear their clothing with panache! That’s true of ALL MY FASHION BLOOMS ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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