Developers can do design

Last Friday, I redesigned my personal website, I tried a new design style and I’m pretty satisfied about it tho it’s not perfect.

You may think about me as a front-end guy who can do design and code, well yes , that’s my job when I was an intern 3 years ago. But now I’m working as a web full-stack developer in my daily job, the things I touched everyday are node.js, couchbase, nsq, react, shell script, docker, etc.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to run my own product since last October, and I put my mainly focus on backend and devops. But apparently, a good design is one of the key points to my product. Look at these personal running projects, Indie hacker who just required by Stripe, Apex which is founded by TJ, they all have an outstanding design and I’ve read a research that a good design usually attracts more 200% first visits.

There’s a lot of basic design principles like aligning, make use of size to do distinguish. The detail is quite important but if you just want to make an attractive landing page or entering place to attract more attentions, I find the following methods are more easier and practical:

  • Using a picture as the background
  • Using gradient as the foreground

Here’s my another 2 attempts

I usually have to spend a lot time before giving out a satisfied design, the process often made me depressed. I don’t think design should follow just one pattern, I shared this just want to give some inspiration to those indie hackers who are stuck with designing.

Developers usually intend to find some regular patterns, you can find it in designing as well :)