Introductory Reflective Essay

Success has always been a fascination of mine, and in order to live a happy and fulfilled life; I must be proficient at producing achievements for myself and others. I have witnessed how isolated success coupled with an unbalanced life, can lead to a life that lacks deeper fulfillment. For example, my uncle Sam Rambo started a family company in the early 1980’s, Rambo Nursery. After extreme difficulty, obstacles and perseverance the company became extremely successful; at the time the company was worth about one million dollars. In order to increase the success of the company he needed full control of it, and since he was partners in the company with his sister; his profits were not as high as they potentially could have been. Sam had a decision to make; use his fifty one percent control of the company to do a hostile takeover of the company from his sister and family to maximize his profits. He could have also been a man of integrity, and have left the company as it should have been, a family company. Sam chose money over his family, and he is the most unhappy person I have ever known. Even though he chose to be extremely successful financially; he had to sacrifice the love and happiness that only a family could provide. And although many people would consider him to be successful, I would not consider him to be any more successful than the homeless man I encountered when I was twelve. Each essay contains information on success, and furthermore, the process behind how success can be achieved and sustained.

The closet scene of Brokeback Mountain was extremely valuable for exploring how humans perceived success relates to happiness in their lives. As well as, how crucial, authentic love is to overall a fulfilled and satisfying life. When Ennis found their clothing carefully placed one inside the other, it was a symbol of the love they shared during their time on Brokeback, but by repressing their love to satisfy society’s standards, they were unfulfilled and not successful. In the end their lack of love killed Jack, not only physically, but also figuratively as well.

The John Oliver Effect is a phenomenon occurring due to John Oliver’s uncanny ability to inspire people to action through comedic sketches on Last Week Tonight. His show exposes problems with society, politics and general issues, and in order to successfully inspire people to take action, at the end of every show he creates a call to action. This generally involves creating a mocking advertisement or mascot to criticize the problem in a comedic fashion, as well as, give people something visual to rally around.

Success, as well as being the theme for the entire portfolio, is also the theme for the wildcard essay. Sources with facts and recommendations about success are analyzed and broken down into their essential components, then relevance to the reader was explained along with personal relevance. The topics cover a wide array of success, mainly focusing on: health, wealth, love and happiness, because if you can be successful in every category. Success with personal health is explored through strategies to create healthier and more stress free bodies. Wealth is covered by a strategy for success in starting a new company, because three things are always needed: knowledge, strategy and execution. On the subject of love, relationship advice is given and analyzed to determine the best way to cultivate relationships with other people. Happiness is the last subject for well rounded success, it is covered through strategies designed to make people more thankful and naturally more happy through a gratitude journal.

This portfolio constructed itself due to my own personal interest in how to be successful. My father always says that in order to be successful at something, you must be passionate. My passion lies in how I can build and cultivate my own success. This portfolio reflects the passion that I have for success, because even though a theme wasn’t established when the portfolio process was initiated. A drive for success permeated all my essays, which unintentionally lead to the flow and the overarching theme of success.

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